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At Engineering Centre we believe that every customer has a right, and a duty, to get the safest, longest life possible from the tire and wheel products he buys. And, that those products should contribute to the operational efficiency and productivity of the work site.

How Engineering Centre helps to make that happen, is by providing the required technical advice, support services, tools, and training programs. We sell the necessary high-quality products, software, and accessories to put such programs together.

This concept, a combination of product, service and maintenance support, spare parts and training is a significant step toward achieving best return on investment and bringing enormous savings to operational costs.

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050057, Алматы, Казахстан

ул.Умбетбаева, 190,

офис: +7 727 334 08 55

+7 701 098 33 20

+7 701 098 33 18

Офис в Бишкеке 

ул. Боконбаева,195/4 

г. Бишкек, Кыргызстан

офис: +996 701 771 727

Офис в Астана

ул. Брусиловского, 17/3, офис 511,

010000, г.Астана, Казахстан

офис: +7 701 220 7988

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