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Valves and accessories

for large tires

Engineering Center - presents a wide range of sophisticated equipment for the maintenance of large wheels and tires. In our catalog you will find a wide range of tire valves, extensions, spools and adapters for inflating large tires. These small items protect your large assets, allowing you to get a great return on investment. We supply only original spare parts directly from the manufacturer.

valve kit with extension

Download catalog accessories and valves

valve kit with extension

metal valve

valve extension

Extra Large Bore Valve Inflation Adapter reduces tire inflation time, thus reducing downtime when installing tires.

High precision precision pressure gauges. Analog and digital type. Features: hold / release buttons, replaceable dust and liquid filters.

The precision sensors are shockproof and can be calibrated. The dial gauge mechanisms are protected from high pressure shocks by a special graduated indication, providing the same protection as a glycerine pressure gauge (takes 5 seconds).

0 psi> 160 psi> 300 psi depending on type.

Convenient tool kits for the tire shop.

All tools are available separately

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