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a member of the Tire Industry Association (USA) and The Kazakhstan Mining Club


Technology pedigree with regional coverage

Engineering Centre Co. Ltd. was created in 2012 as an engineering service provider bringing a broad range of technology solutions for the mining, construction and industrial sectors. We aspire to promote SAFE working practices, reduce energy consumption and discover products that can help a 'clean air' environment.

We are a part of the SkyMax Group of companies who have been a respected technology group in the region for the past ten years. With more than two hundred technical staff, they bring high-quality technical products and solutions to the market which covers industries ranging from mining to airports, and railways to civil engineering projects. Our teams not only supply the products but also provide the technical expertise and after sales services that ensure products work correctly and provide a great return on investment.


Engineering Centre provides specific products and solutions for mining, along with competent, reliable field support, outsourcing packages, and training programs.

Our team has a passion for bringing added value to products by safely extending their life to the maximum possible, improving operational efficiency, and thereby contributing to the bottom line of cost per tonne.

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