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Heavy-duty rims for large tires


Heavy Duty Rims

  • Maximum durability due to the use of high-strength, low-alloy material

  • The lock ring groove and other high stress areas are highly resistant to aggressive usage

  • Locking ring grooves and mating surfaces ensure proper shrinkage for maximum safety and durability

  • O-ring provides perfect sealing and excellent air retention

  • All products undergo X-ray and ultrasonic inspection and phase analysis of welds guarantees the quality of arc welds

  • State-of-the-art computer monitoring of  welds ensures the highest quality and reliability

  • Top quality corrosion treated for improved oxidation resistance

  • Excellent aesthetics thanks to multi-stage cleaning, surface pretreatment and final topcoat with polyester powder

  • The use of seamless rolling rings and forging to fabricate critical components provides superior strength

All sizes for a wide variety of applications

RIMPRO rims   available in diameters from 8 " to 63" for a variety of applications. They are suitable both for quarry machinery and mining machines, as well as for agricultural machinery, including machinery operating in quarries and underground mines, industry, agriculture and forestry.

You can tailor the product to suit your needs. So adjust rim sizes for special requirements, request specific paint colors, determine the location of the holes in the valves and even install a serial number plate, which will be added to the production time

Double rims

Double rims (DGS) allow tires to be mounted on the vehicle without removing the wheels. This reduces the downtime required for mounting and dismounting, which improves productivity.

The main features of these rims are two retaining rings and removable rim bands.

Contact us for professional advice on how to use these rims!

Truck and forklift rims
This table will help you choose rims for specific models of special equipment

Key Features:

All rims are engraved with serial numbers to allow safe inspection planning and tracking.

Our company also provides a complete line of O-ring sizes for use with RIMPRO rims.
This table will help you find the right product for your needs.

RIMPRO is a brand of wheels and rims for oversized tires specially manufactured for the Engineering Center. World-class heavy-duty products, engineered in Canada to meet the most demanding mining requirements.


Product customization options

You can adapt the product to suit your needs:

Sizing rims for special requirements, requesting specific paint colors, locating valve holes and even installing a serial number plate that will be added during production.

AME tools

Tire workshop tools

bead wringers, hydraulic pumps, dump truck jacks

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