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Slipcoat anti-adhesive agent 

An effective remedy for rock mass adhesion  

ENGINEERING CENTER is the official distributor of Slipcoat MRA - an innovative agent against adhesion, accumulation, freezing of rock mass and corrosion.

Designed and manufactured by GBS Coproportion, a leader in providing solutions for the mining and industrial sectors.

Slipcoat MRA ™ is suitable for materials such as ore, ore concentrate, coal, clay, cement. Slipcoat MRA is also used in open pit or underground mines, railways and refineries.

Slipcoat MRA is a proprietary blend of natural oils that prevents rock build-up, build-up, freezing and corrosion. The product is not hazardous, non-toxic and
environmentally friendly.

Slipcoat MRA Application :

  • Bodies and chassis of mining dump trucks

  • Wagons

  • Earthmoving buckets (loader, excavators, etc.)

  • Tracked vehicles

  • Light and medium truck chassis

  • Gutters

  • Conveyors

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Application of Slipcoat technology on quarry equipment

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