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Conveyor Belts

Superior quality

Engineering Center is the official distributor of CGR, a manufacturer of conveyor belts


CGR (Chenguang Rubber) has 15 years of conveyor belt manufacturing experience and ranks among the 5 largest conveyor belt manufacturers in China. Every day, the company produces thousands of meters of various types of conveyor belts on 10 production lines.

Features: High tensile strength, long service life, abrasion resistance, frost resistance and bending resistance.

Possibility of ordering tapes according to individual conditions for each client

Main products:

  • Rubber rope conveyor belt

  • Rubber fabric conveyor belt

  • Solid woven braided heat resistant and antistatic conveyor belt

  • Elevator type conveyor belt

  • Cold Resistant Conveyor Belt

  • High overhang belt for inclined conveyor

  • Endless (looped) conveyor belt


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