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Slipcoat anti-adhesion agent

Effective concrete and asphalt blocking agent  

Security solutions

ENGINEERING CENTER is the official distributor of Slipcoat IRC - an innovative anti-adhesion and accumulation agent for asphalt or concrete mass.

Designed and manufactured by GBS Coproportion, a leader in providing solutions for the mining and industrial sectors.

Slipcoat IRC ™ against concrete adhesion

  • Bio-scalable, environmentally friendly product

  • Prevents build-up and reduces cleaning time in mixer, chute, hopper and apron

  • Significantly reduces the need to enter the drum as well as the need for crushing and cleaning

  • Guaranteed 95% reduction in build-up inside the mixer drums

  • Reduced cleaning time by 50%



















Slipcoat IRC Benefits :

  • No need to clean up between downloads

  • The main mixer only requires one application per day

  • Application time on the mixer is no more than 5-10 minutes.

  • The volume of application for trucks is about 0.75 liters per day

  • Suitable for the toughest surfaces and conditions

  • Will not affect the composition of the concrete with which it comes into contact

  • Effective at low temperatures (down to -40 ° C))

  • Does not damage painted surfaces

  • Safe for use in confined spaces

Slipcoat IRC against asphalt adhesion

  • Fully biodegradable product

  • Designed specifically for asphalt mixes

  • Completely eliminates adhesion on all types of surfaces

  • Does not adversely affect equipment or painted surfaces

  • Does not evaporate at high temperatures and does not freeze at low temperatures

  • Low product consumption (4L per 100m²)

  • Forms a protective film that prevents corrosion and rust

  • Suitable for bodies, bins, work tools and all surfaces

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