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Scaffolding and formwork systems

Construction work of any complexity - safe and fast

Company Engineering Centre provides a wide range of scaffolding systems and formwork systems for fast and safe work.

We supply products for the construction, oil and gas, mining and energy industries.

All our products are manufactured in accordance with the leading European and British quality standards, and the professional service and high expertise of our employees allow us to fully adapt our products to the specific needs of the client.

















We work with internationally certified manufacturers. Our products meet the highest requirements of the oil and gas sector suppliers.


Our Benefits

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Large-scale projects

We supply scaffolding and formwork systems for large-scale and technically demanding projects in the oil and gas sector.


Formwork systems

Special formwork systems allow you to build objects of various shapes and sizes


Fast and safe installation

Advanced fastening and fixing technologies guarantee fast installation and high work safety


Pipe walkways

Systems for the installation of tube racks and racks for the petrochemical and energy industries


Quality control

All products undergo strict testing and quality control measures and comply with international standards ASTM (USA), JIS (Japan), AS (Australia), BS (UK), DIN (Germany), EN (Europe) 12811, 2482, 1139, etc. .d.


Inspection and audit of manufacturers

Inspection and audit of manufacturers Departure to the factories of manufacturers and inspection of the technological process.


Parts tracking system

Each of our parts is engraved with a dedicated serial number for easy tracking and tracking


Laboratory tests

Multistage cycle of production testing of finished products


Quality certification

Each of our products comes with a standard test report for compliance with international standards.

Also, each specific batch is tested for compliance with the customer's standards.

Download the complete catalog of Scaffolding Systems

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