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Spare parts and components for conveyor systems

Engineering Center offers a wide range of different parts and accessories for conveyor systems. We offer a large selection of reliable and durable equipment for various industries at manufacturer's prices.


Reliable conveyor rollers

  • One of the most common conveyor components with a collapsible and non-collapsible structure, which is part of the roller support

  • Our rollers are lightweight and affordable

  • We manufacture each batch to order, according to your specification

we supply:

  • Conveyor rollers 63-194 mm

  • Damping rollers

  • Deflector rollers

  • Rubberized rollers


Conveyor rollers support systems


A roller support system is a structure designed to install rollers on it and support a conveyor belt. By purchasing a roller we guarantee you will get high quality products, competent advice from our team of professionals and in-time delivery.

We offer

Grooved rollers

Produced with inclination angles 20 °, 35 °, 45 °. Also, roller supports can be made according to the requirements and drawings of the customer. The width of the conveyor belt can vary from 400 to 2000 mm, and the diameter of the conveyor rollers is 63-194 mm.

Shock absorbing rollers

Used for transporting bulky goods. Heavy weight on the conveyor can damage the conveyor belt. The shock-absorbing roller bearing is equipped with rubber rings that protect the conveyor belt, absorbing shocks at the loading point. The advantage of such a roller support is that the lower part of the conveyor belt is cleaned, ensuring a smoother conveyor run and keeping the bearings from premature failure.

Straight rollers

Straight rollers are used in areas of the conveyor where a flat belt surface is required. The main purpose of the straight roller is to support the belt and prevent it from sagging. The straight lower roller support is used to support the lower branch of the belt, installing it on the brackets of the posts of the middle part of the supporting metal structures. In this case, installation and maintenance of roller supports is facilitated.

Conveyor drums

We offer four types of conveyor drums: driven drums, non-driven (tilting) drums, tension drums and self-cleaning drums. Each type of drum can be lined with rubber, ceramics, rubber - ceramics and other materials at the request of the Customer. The drum lining can be smooth, diamond-shaped and chevron (with ribs counterclockwise or clockwise).

The lining of the drum allows to increase its service life by increasing the tractive effort and the coefficient of friction between the conveyor belt and the conveyor drum.

We design and manufacture our conveyor drums using innovative design and state-of-the-art technology. Quality control is carried out at every stage of production, which ensures the high quality of the conveyor drums.

We are ready to answer all your questions!

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