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Lining material Dyno Flo

Materials for dump trucks, excavators, wagons and industrial facilities  




mentor dynamics

Engineering Center is an official distributor and provides installation service - Mentor Dynamics Dyno Flo - specialized lining materials for combating adhesion / freezing of rock mass.

Mentor Dynamics has been on the market since the 70s and pioneered the use of ultramolecular polymers to address flow and wear problems in bulk material storage and handling. Over the years, the company has completed over 3,000 projects and installed lining solutions on over 10,000 dump trucks. Today, the company provides various solutions for industrial applications, power plants, trucks and mining equipment.

Product Description:

  • Supermolecular polyethylene (UHMWPE), which is a very tough material with high impact strength

  • The material is self-cleaning, does not oxidize, does not crack, or is not exposed to ozone

  • It is resistant to corrosive chemicals and acids

Pros of using:

  • excludes sticking of rock mass

  • provides fast unloading

  • reduces cycle time

  • provides more downloads per day

  • increases profits


  • Rigid and articulated haulers

  • Dump trucks for transportation of asphalt

  • Excavator buckets

  • Silos and chutes

  • Wagons

  • Road trains

  • Holds of ships and barges

Download examples of lining solutions

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