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Headlights and spotlights

Work light for the toughest conditions

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Herrmans NORDIC LIGHTS® has been producing premium high-tech work and running lights for heavy vehicles in the mining industry since 1992 .

Today Herrmans NORDIC LIGHTS® can claim to be the world's best manufacturer of lighting fixtures for heavy duty vehicles.

The company's products are created in close collaboration with industry leaders such as C aterpillar, Liebherr, Sandvik and Komatsu. And with continued strategic investment in development and research , Herrmans NORDIC LIGHTS® claims to be the world's leading manufacturer of heavy duty vehicle lighting.

Production tests

The success of Nordic Lights ™ in the mining industry is based on the durability of work lights. All products of the company undergo a wide range of production tests.

The headlights are tested by EACH AXIS under severe vibration conditions. The headlights are then subjected to impacts up to 60G. The headlights have the highest rating of dust and moisture protection IP68, IP6K9K, which guarantees trouble-free operation even in the most difficult conditions.

Products for the Mining Industry

The mining industry is a 24/7 business that does not stop their machines overnight. For Nordic Lights ™, this is a core business and primary consumer. The success of Nordic Lights ™ in the mining industry is based on the durability of work lights.

Scorpius XTR

The Scorpius XTR headlamp has a square shape and a luminous flux range from 2000 to 4200 lumens. Thanks to the unique QUAKE damping system, work lights withstand vibration up to 20 Grms. The headlamp features an asymmetrical wide luminous flux, which is especially suitable for large open spaces


Centaurus XTR

The Centaurus XTR headlamp has an output of 7200 lumens. The headlights are especially suitable for excavators with wheeled buckets, draglines, surface miners, hydraulics, and wheeled dozers. Centaurus XTR headlights can withstand vibrations up to 15.3 Gm at 24-2000 Hz and 4.65 Gm at 12-2000 Hz.

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