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Personal protective equipment

For safe work

Our company offers a wide range of high quality personal protective equipment when working in underground workings. We supply high quality and durable protective equipment that reliably protects against external influences.

Head lamps
In areas of the mine where constant lighting is not available, the miner cannot do without a headlight that allows him to move and work productively with less risk of injury. In recent years, halogen lamps, rather than incandescent lamps with a tungsten filament, have been increasingly used, which made it possible to increase the illumination level by 3-4 times; accordingly, even by the end of an extended work shift, the illumination of the workplace when using these lamps meets the requirements of safety standards.

In addition to the main function of providing illumination during work, head lamps have recently begun to be used as a kind of emergency communication between working miners. The radio elements built into the battery case allow miners to receive emergency alert signals (warning signals, emergency evacuation signals, etc.) at ultra-low radio frequencies; through

turning on / off the head lamp (“blinking”) the miner, in turn, confirms the fact of receiving the signal.


New Generation Explosion Proof Mining Lights

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

  • Equipped with powerful and long-lasting LED lamps

  • The powerful lithium-ion battery guarantees up to 16 hours of continuous operation without loss of lighting power.

  • Reinforced lantern housing complies with European ATEX explosion protection regulations

  • Has a degree of moisture protection IP 54.



A self-rescuer is a respiratory protection device that helps a miner get out of a mine in the event of a fire or explosion - in situations where high levels of carbon monoxide, smoke and other toxic substances in the mine's atmosphere make it unbreathable. A self-rescuer can be a filter-type device with a catalyst that converts carbon monoxide into harmless substances, or a closed-loop breathing apparatus that chemically reduces oxygen from exhaled air.


Oxygen self-rescuers

  • Made of stainless durable materials,

  • Has automatic and manual oxygen supply

  • Self-rescuer charge is rated for 60 minutes while walking

  • Up to 90 minutes at rest

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