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 Led-strips for mines

Convenience and safety

Engineering Center offers a range of high quality x-Glo LED strips

x-Glo - mining LED strips are advanced lighting systems for underground mine workings, repair areas, various tunnels, conveyor belts, transformer substations.

The best illumination performance combined with the lowest energy consumption make these tapes the ideal lighting solution for safe and efficient work. The use of high-quality LEDs and components allows for a 5-year warranty with an expected life of more than 10 years.

The product that significantly increases illumination, which means productivity and labor safety. The product, which has received recognition for its effectiveness in many countries of the world, has now found its worthy application in Russia.

X-Glo LED Lighting Systems are an innovative product designed to operate in the most challenging underground mining environments.

  • 5 year warranty with over 10 years of service life.

  • The minimum energy consumption is from 2.5 W / meter.

  • IP67 rating.

  • Resistant to vibration and mechanical stress.

  • 12, 24, 36 Volts - for safe use in mines.

If you are interested in x-Glo products and you want to apply it at your enterprise or learn more about it, let us know the parameters of mine workings, premises, any objects - and our specialists will prepare you a detailed technical and commercial proposal with data on the illumination and characteristics of the applied tape.

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