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Impact wrenches Torqit

Precision and Convenience

Engineering Center introduces the TorqIT series of programmable cordless torque wrenches.

Torqit impact wrenches have been developed using the latest technology to provide maximum torque when powered by the built-in battery.





The new device is available in four versions with torques ranging from 162 to 4,067 Nm (120 to 3000 ft-lb). Thus, TorqIT torque guns are ideal for servicing tires on large wheeled vehicles and commercial vehicles.





The TorqIT cordless range of torque wrenches provide mobility with just one person. Fully charged batteries last for about 300-500 cycles. Recharging a fully discharged battery to a full charge is 60 minutes.
















A digital programmable screen on each model allows you to set and monitor the required torque. When the nut is tightened to the set parameter, the built-in speaker and visual indicator notify about this. Each torque gun is equipped with a special stop.




Our experts will advise you and help you choose the most suitable equipment for you!

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